Training Is the Backbone of a High-Performing Sales Team

  • By salestable
  • November 02, 2022
    4 Ways to Equip Your Sales Team for Success

    Bring the science of sales to training your team with MetaGrowth


    As the founder of your company, your primary focus is to produce and sell your products. As your company grows, you know you need a stellar sales team in place to handle the selling you did to launch the business, but sales training probably isn’t your specialty. It’s critical, however, that you work to put the best sales training system in place for your business because the sales team you build will drive sales results and help your company grow.

    CEOs and founders have the responsibility to give sales teams the tools they need to be successful, either by implementing an in-house training module or outsourcing the work to an expert sales training agency. Great sales training brings breakout sales performance.

    Hiring and training salespeople for your company is a crucial process that must be managed with great care. Once you’ve chosen enthusiastic candidates willing to learn, in-depth training is the highest priority. Comprehensive sales training brings many long-term benefits, including the following:

    • Increased likelihood of closing a sale and adding revenue to the business

    Great training leads to more effective sales calls, better success finding leads, and good connections with people making purchasing decisions. A highly trained sales team allows you to capture market share quickly and scale your company faster.

    • Establish common language across the sales team

    When every member of your sales team is implementing the same sales processes, a common, consistent sales language is established. A common language around sales builds a strong team dynamic and a cohesive sales culture. The sales process itself is incredibly natural and allows for meaningful dialogue that progresses the entire sales team.

    • Improve time management

    Time management is often a big challenge for sales professionals; having a sales process in place gives them a guide to follow on a daily basis.

    The quality of training you provide your sales hires shapes their future with your company. To implement exceptional sales training, here are seven key components to incorporate:

    1. Essential sales skills, such as finding prospects, writing cold emails, making cold calls, giving sales demonstrations, drawing up proposals, and closing the deal.
    2. The customer experience – genuine empathy for customers is an incredibly important trait for sales hires that any training process should cultivate.
    3. Detailed information about company products and the selling market.
    4. Company sales processes — they need to come out of training understanding exactly how the sales team works at your company.
    5. The psychology of selling – learning to study the psyche of your target market to sell your services and products.
    6. Assessment — it’s important to have a test or other assessment system to judge how well they’ve retained the training information.
    7. Team building exercises — bringing the team together is just as important as getting them to do things the right way.

    The Salestable AI Way

    The experienced sales executives a understand that, with a robust, scalable training system, sales hires flourish. Our Salestable AI platform can offer companies sales enablement with video-based, self-paced training is the ideal platform for today’s business landscape. This system allows founders and business owners to memorialize their knowledge and vision and hold sales teams accountable for learning and comprehension. This easily digestible format leads to breakout sales performance.

    Committed and complete sales training gives your company and sales hires the confidence and trust needed to succeed. The right sales training tools let founders download all of their knowledge, experience, and tricks into a video-based, self-paced training module. Once a hire reaps the rewards of excellent training and starts experiencing success, then the new hire and the entire company wins.

    At Salestable AI, we help founders take their companies to the next level by bringing stellar sales enablement programs to their organizations. For more information contact us today.

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