Salestable is “the world’s only Purpose-Built Sales Readiness platform.” With the power of the control center for SMB or Startup founders now can measure their growth and enable the sales representatives to learn collaboratively using social tools. The outcomes are threefold:

1) Plan revenue growth
2) Recruit, train sales reps
3) Learn from customers and make quick and informed decisions.

SMBs and Startups can get started at Salestable to sign up for the 14-day free trial at

What is the value proposition for Salestable to an SMBs or Startup?

Salestable does not replace Salesforce or Hubspot, it is a complimentary platform that when combined with these state-of-the-art processes, tools, and community can maximize the potential of Founder led sales initiatives.

Salestable is built for successful founders, or venture-backed startups who want to move rapidly through the Founder Led Sales stage and set up and support a strong Sales Led Sales team. If you want massive, scalable sales… Salestable is your best friend. You’ve got to nail it before you scale it. Well, we help you with both.

Founder-led sales have always been a hero effort and do not scale. In order to maximize growth, enable efficient sales onboarding & training with powerful performance management functions,

Founders need to adopt AI-powered tools that bring best-in-class software that combines processes, tools, and community to scale their growth. SalesTable is the answer to Founder led sales.

Salestable has 4 modules, Recruit, Onboard, Train, and Track. Combination of these modules provides a powerful mechanism to Recruit, Onboard, Train and Track the overall progress of any given sales team-building process.

Having worked with so many different industries and company structures, we have learned a thing or two about sales planning templates. We have templates for all kinds of industries. Let us help you build YOUR ultimate sales enablement tools.

We believe in foundational principles with customized content. One of the biggest missing pieces in sales training today is the “old school” sales training. Fundamentals will always be the foundation of sales success. So… YES, we have an entire curriculum for your sales team (any probably you too) called Success Foundations. You and your team will have access to some of the best sales training today based on age-old foundational principles and wisdom.

100%… No business is a cookie-cutter business (unless, of course, your company sells cookie cutters), so we allow you to add your custom content into the platform and train your team on your processes, systems, content, and allow them to learn from your previous success. Not only is it available, it’s really easy to use. You are going to love your new Learning Management System so much, you won’t know how you trained people in the past.

Salestable can integrate with Google Authentication mechanism for your username and password authentication and authorization.

We have a few different options when it comes to help. From highly structured, one-on-one consulting, all the way down to self-onboarding tools. If you need more help than our ample support library contains… no problem, give us a call or send us an email and we can chat about customized support solutions.

We take data security very seriously and all the data on the Salestable platform is encrypted at rest, in transit, and also safe to store

Salestable starts with a simple Basic subscription plan for Founders with a fixed monthly subscription fee.

Like most companies, not only do we accept credit cards of all kinds, we also accept some digital currencies as well. What works easiest for you? Let’s go…

Salestable offers monthly pay as you go billing for the platform with subscription options that scale as you grow your business.

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