Recruit effectively

Salestable simplifies and optimizes your sales recruiting efforts allowing you to make smart hiring decisions thus allowing you to build the “right” team and clearly understand the results of your efforts

  • Integrated Hiring portalsSave time on browsing multiple platforms with salestable’s Integrated hiring portal
  • Bird’s Eye view on recruitment processSwiftly understand the efficacy of recruiting efforts & Applicant : Interview : Hire ratios
  • Stay on top of your Sales hiring progressFollow the sales journey of hires and easily assess what characteristics make up a great hire

Onboard efficiently

Salestable’s onboarding process ensures accurate and repeatable execution of getting your sales talent fired up and launched faster than ever before

  • Onboarding checklistIdentify the things that need to be addressed in the first days and weeks of salesperson’s journey
  • Pre-plan onboarding kitDevelop the content and/or collateral and deliver them at the exact right time
  • Consistent experience for allProvide consistent, effective, and efficient onboarding to begin generating sales

Train teams

Salestable helps memorialize and deliver consistent, interactive, and prescriptive training to sales teams. Access to entire Learning Management System with searchable content and actionable insights

  • Customizable content and insightsProvides full control and add, or amend your content on the fly with trackable, interactive, and gamified process
  • Train with a ClickUse the “on the go training” function and train entire team with a click of a button
  • Feedback loop sharpen your training each and every hire. Use our feedback tools to collect feedback from salespeople in real time

Track intuitively

The salestable tracking module is designed to capture critical KPI data from each salesperson each day and provide insights to sales management regarding the overall health of the sales operations as well as the viability of each sales person

  • Activity TrackingTrack proactive activity on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure certain KPIs are met or exceeded
  • Set Targets daily, weekly or monthly targets and receive notifications if/when those minimums are not met and make mission critical decisions about sales team
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