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Everything You Need to Manage Your Sales Team Effectively

The SalesTable platform gives you the tools you need to ensure your team is performing to the best of their abilities.

The standard for sales leaders today is trying to manage a team via disparate platforms and without true insight into holistic sales readiness. Here’s how SalesTable is changing that:

Simple and Effective Goal Setting

Set individual and team wide goals and then monitor them on a daily basis.

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Easy and Painless Activity Tracking

Ensure your reps are being productive and truly doing the work necessary to accomplish the goals you set

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Real-Time Actionable Insights

Get a holistic view of sales readiness across your team and learn where to focus your time to optimize productivity and revenue generation.

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Collaboration Between Team Members with Pulse

Instead of needing a separate product to foster communication between reps we have functionality native in the Salestable platform.

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 Harnessing Salestable for Sales Management & Coaching

Accelerate Sales Ramp Time

Get new sales reps up to speed faster and start closing deals sooner with SalesTable.

Improve Sales Rep Performance

Identify areas for improvement and provide targeted coaching to help your reps close more deals with SalesTable’s real-time performance tracking.

Drive Revenue Growth

Close more deals, more quickly, and with greater efficiency to drive revenue growth for your organization with SalesTable.

Enable Scalable Growth

Ensure high levels of sales readiness across multiple teams and geographies with SalesTable’s scalable solution, enabling your organization to drive growth.

 Benefits of Our Sales Coaching  Software


Train teams

SalesTable helps memorialize and deliver consistent, interactive, and prescriptive training to sales teams. Access to entire Learning Management System with searchable content and actionable insights

  • Easily Determine Sales Readiness Gain full insight into your team’s training and activity levels identifying areas to focus on as a leader
  • KPI Driven InsightsMetrics are displayed in a dashboard for easy review
  • CRM IntegrationsWe don’t replace your CRM, instead we enhance its value by automating insights in Saletable
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Why Successful Sales Teams Choose SalesTable


of sales leaders say onboarding process is critical for sales reps to hit their targets


of sales leaders have low visibility into what training has been watched and by whom


of sales reps have left a job due to a poor onboarding experience or lack of training

3-11 hours

of time spent by sales reps per week searching for answers about tools, processes, or information

Here’s what others are saying about SalesTable

With Salestable, I can ensure that our sales team is equipped with in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of plastic injection molding required to be an effective sales professional.

Rob L

Director, Sales Operations @ HiTech Plastics & Molds

Salestable has been a great partner for ContentBacon. We’ve gone from being a company where the founders are driving the sales to an organization with an effective sales team that is growing and thriving.

Wendy L

Co-founder – ContentBacon

I have utilized many different online training platforms but Salestable was by far the most user friendly and easy to work with.

Jeffrey R


We offer something for everyone

For Midmarket

Optimize your midmarket sales operations with precision. Our comprehensive platform equips you with the resources to construct a sales system perfectly aligned with your midmarket goals. Harness valuable insights and analytics for continuous revenue enhancement and the attainment of product-market synergy.

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For SMBs

Identify top performers on your sales team so you can harness and share their tools for success. Support underperforming sales team members by giving them the information needed on ways to improve. Drive your company’s growth and understand your sales team’s performance by utilizing performance data effectively.

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SalesTable is not just a sales activity tracker. The platform brings in insights about onboarding and training as well. This makes it different from over sales coaching tools and immediately provides more value to you as a sales leader.

The platform is set up to support remote leadership and foster sales team collaboration from wherever the reps are located.

SalesTable stands out as one of the best values for a sales coaching software. We also offer a freemium product and a free trial of our paid product so you can make sure you will get value before every spending a dollar.

SalesTable is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Whether you’re experienced with sales coaching tools or exploring them for the first time, our intuitive interface and comprehensive support ensure a smooth experience.

We recently launched a feature in our product called Pulse. The purpose is to ensure your team can message and interact with each other without having to leave Salestable. We combine this with the feedback loop you can read about on our training page (hyperlink to training) to foster sales team collaboration.

SalesTable combines versatility, user-friendliness, and cutting-edge sales coaching tools in one platform. Our commitment to improving sales results and providing a top-tier coaching experience has earned us a reputation as one of the best in the business.

Join us along with others and step up your sales game
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