Running a startup is no easy job. We get it… we know some of the challenges you face:

  • Too many tools to interact with
  • Lots of pressure to perform quickly and continually
  • Unrefined sales process
  • Lack of clarity on product service
  • Limited Funding

Make it easier on yourself and your sales leaders

Brings everything in one place

Get sales process, scripts and collateral organized to fast forward the hiring and training process

Train your team with a click

The “instant train” feature allows you to disseminate updated resources or content (video, audio or documents) for your new features to your team instantly

Stats to evaluate sales commission

Identify the right statistics around performance to compensate the the salary and work better with budget

Speed up your selling process and sales cycle

Get the data points you need all in one place to effectively lead your sales team

Join us along with others and step up your sales game
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